d&b Soundscape in action

The d&b Soundscape has been trialled and toured all over the world, being used in musicals, festivals and concerts. A series of short application stories gives an insight into what Soundscape has to offer, and how it helped to enhance the audience experience at various events.

Discover how and where the d&b Soundscape is being used worldwide.

d&b Soundscape brings Mouse on Mars’ MIT album launch to life

As the newly launched d&b Soundscape system continues its worldwide roll-out, it is inevitably finding itself in all kinds of creative and inspirational company. One such liaison is with acclaimed Berlin-based experimental electronic pop outfit,...

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As the stage turns: the Soundscape of NYC comes alive with d&b

The revival of Lobby Hero on Broadway is a masterful presentation by Second Stage Theater at the Helen Hayes Theater. Every moment of dramatic action is staged within the lobby of an apartment building, clearly demonstrating Oscar winning writer,...

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d&b Soundscape enjoys an early adventure on Glastonbury’s Acoustic Stage

Festival tents are renowned for their difficult acoustics, but the Acoustic Stage at Glastonbury is an eminently prestigious tent nonetheless. It was here in summer 2017, following conversations between Tom De Brabant, Acoustic Stage audio crew chief...

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Soundscape comes of age

The prestigious Ravenna Festival of symphony, opera and ballet is a typically demanding brief. Ideal for Italian rental company BH Audio to 'Beta' test the d&b Soundscape. For the past three years BH Audio has used the festival for critial trials…

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