Live Performance Venues

The Rocky Horror Show at the Zwingenberg Castle Festival with d&b Soundscape


The 35th annual Zwingenberg Castle Festival ran from 21 July to 6 August 2017, in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The festival took place in the grounds of the Zwingenberg Castle and featured rock musical The Rocky Horror Show.

The Rocky Horror Show was held in the castle courtyard, seating around 800 guests, and featured d&b products supplied by Fichtner Tontechnik. Of particular interest to audio professionals was the d&b Soundscape driven by the DS100 Signal Engine.

The goal for using the d&b Soundscape was to develop the audience experience to another level. Speakers were placed around the audience area to surround spectators and enhance the acoustic environment with the d&b software module En-Space which uses measured impulse responses from actual rooms, and can be used either indoors or outside.

A completely digital audio workflow was used for the performance, from the on-stage I/O right through to the loudspeaker signal. The outputs of the Yamaha CL5 reached the DS100 over Dante which in-turn distributed its outputs over Dante to a number of DS10 Audio network bridges that converted the Dante streams to AES/EBU for inputs to the amplifiers.

Tim Frühwirth, d&b Education and Application Support, was in charge of the FOH sound, working closely with Felix Einsiedel, d&b R&D Software Development.

"In our current arrangement, I do not mix in the traditional way, in which many individual channels are entirely in stereo," explained Tim Frühwirth. "Instead, I regulate the input sources from the soloists to the band, and Felix then distributes these signals in the system and defines the location - so teamwork is of vital importance. In the end, thanks to the d&b Soundscape, it's easy to get a good impression of where each source comes from in each audience space."

Frühwirth commented on his work with the DS100: "For me, the DS100 makes the mix easier, because I have much more resolution than with a conventional stereo setup, I’m not relying on phantom sound sources being created between left and right loudspeakers to create source separation.”

Felix Einsiedel added: "It [Soundscape] is certainly interesting to use at festivals, because when you install the d&b Soundscape, you can freely decide whether you want to mix only the usual stereo sound or pursue a completely different approach.”

Project highlights

  • The d&b Soundscape allowed the performance to be enhanced with the use of En-Space.

  • A completely digital audio workflow was used for the performance, from the on-stage I/O right through to the loudspeaker signal.

  • Using the d&b Soundscape enabled Tim Frühwirth, FOH, to decide whether he wanted to mix using only stereo sound or choose a completely different approach.