d&b Soundscape的构成.

d&b Soundscape是指情境化的声学环境,就像“感知”、“体验”和“了解”一样。它定义了真实或抽象的表演、演讲和演示的创作品味。d&b Soundscape允许用户在声音设计中自由定位声音对象,并修改或创建室内和室外的声学特征。d&b Soundscape是d&b Workflow中令人耳熟能详的超凡补充部分,它为d&b系统引入了另一个维度,以现实或想象的方式调整听觉和视觉感知。

d&b Soundscape由三个部分组成:DS100数字音频信号处理平台和两个可选软件模块 -d&b En-Scene和d&bEN-Space.

The truth and beauty matrix

The DS100 Signal Engine is the hardware, a network controlled and Dante enabled DSP platform that provides comprehensive signal management within the familiar d&b Workflow.

d&b En-Scene

d&b En-Scene is the Soundscape software module for object-based signal management. This extends the basic matrix function of the DS100 with an object-based positioning tool for every input.

d&b En-Space

d&b En-Space is the Soundscape software module to enhance or build an acoustic environment, either indoor or outdoor, based on convolution of the audio signals on a large number of impulse responses captured in acoustically renowned...