The d&b Soundscape Workflow.


Efficiency from start to finish

The d&b Soundscape is an extension of the d&b System reality, an addition beyond the familiar loudspeaker system horizon: thanks to new technologies, an evolution. Nevertheless, or naturally, as it may be considered, the d&b Soundscape integrates with the d&b Workflow.

It can easily be built up and configured with ArrayCalc. In a second, creative step, using R1 Remote control software, objects can be positioned, room acoustics edited, and the system can be operated via Ethernet using the OCA / AES70 protocol. As an entire efficient and intuitive process, from design and simulation to control and monitoring, the d&b Workflow is by no means a closed system. Rather, it is open and ready to connect with industry standard protocols to consoles, workstations, show control, as well as replay and tracking systems.

d&b Soundscape workshops

d&b offers technical training workshops. These sessions are run globally and offer in-depth product information, as well as hands-on experience, providing the opportunity to gain a basic understanding of the d&b Soundscape.

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