Components of d&b Soundscape.

The d&b Soundscape is the acoustic environment in context, as perceived, experienced and understood. It defines the creative palate within which performances, speeches and presentations, real or abstract, can be staged. The d&b Soundscape allows to position sources freely within the sound design and modify or create acoustic signatures, both indoors and outdoors. A familiar and yet extraordinary addition to the d&b Workflow, the d&b Soundscape introduces another dimension to the d&b System reality, aligning the aural and visual perception, either realistically, or imaginatively.

The d&b Soundscape comprises three component parts: the DS100 Signal Engine and two optional software modules - d&b En-Scene and d&b En-Space.

The truth and beauty matrix

The DS100 Signal Engine is the hardware, a network controlled and Dante enabled DSP platform that provides comprehensive signal management within the familiar d&b Workflow.

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d&b En-Scene

d&b En-Scene is the Soundscape software module for object-based signal management. This extends the basic matrix function of the DS100 with an object-based positioning tool for every input.

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d&b En-Space

d&b En-Space is the Soundscape software module to enhance or build an acoustic environment, either indoor or outdoor, based on convolution of the audio signals on a large number of impulse responses captured in acoustically renowned...

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