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Soundscape supports Open Sound Control (OSC).  Connect your favourite hardware and software into the DS100 Signal engine or build your own customized tools. Then maximize your creative workflow with d&b software. En-Bridge streamlines the interoperability between the DS100 and various third party systems. En-Snap provides advanced sound object control focusing on creative workflows. Welcome to possible.

Digital Audio Workstations.

Stay in your favourite pre- or post-production environment. The d&b Soundscape plug-in is available in VST3, AAX, and AU formats. Host, control, and automate sound object parameters from any DAW.

Tracking systems.

Automate the position of sound objects real time using tracking systems from market-leading manufacturers such as Stagetracker, TiMax Tracker, Zactrack. In addition, En-Bridge allows BlackTrax tracking systems to be used for automatic object positioning on a Soundscape system, including their latest BT-1 system. No need for complicated workarounds, En-Bridge translates the BlackTrax RTTrPM protocol into DS100 OSC commands and provides you with additional mapping functionality.

Soundscape Console Control.

Mixing is mixing. Keep hands-on control of relevant Soundscape parameters with direct integration into Avid, DiGiCo, LAWO and SSL console user interfaces. Stay hands on while saving sound object parameters to scene memory. More flow. Less work.


Expand the creative potential of your production with a streamlined interface for connecting third party tools to your Soundscape application.  En-Bridge is standalone software, free to all Soundscape users, that provides OSC bridging and protocol translation for remote control of Soundscape parameters on the DS100 Signal engine. It also enables automated status polling for the DS100 and forwarding of updates to 3rd party controllers and accordingly, allows for bidirectional communication between devices. This creates additional interoperability options that are very easy to set up and operate. Add additional DS100 Signal engines for third party remote control in redundant or extended Soundscape set-ups.


En-Snap is a collaboration of Gareth Owen Sound and d&b audiotechnik.

The latest version, En-Snap V3, provides powerful cue automation and sound object control. Program cues easily by taking snapshots of the current values for each of the 64 sound objects. Program cues easily by taking snapshots of each of the 64 sound objects. Monitor and control the positions of every sound object directly in the new Object Viewer, designed from the ground up for object-based content creation in Soundscape. Exciting, advanced functions for both cue automation and object control have been added to your workflow. En-Snap V3 also supports third party tracking systems and multiple DS100 signal engine set-ups.

Show Control. 

Soundscape and QLab have been friends from the start. Create, automate, and synchronize the entire audiovisual environment from within the industry standard by controlling Soundscape parameters directly on the DS100. Or use QLab to synchronise d&b En-Snap for plug and play time-efficient cue automation. Or connect Soundscape to any other show control system using OSC. The choice is yours.


Here’s where you’ll find tools developed by d&b that expand the functionality of your d&b Soundscape system. Access detailed technical information, documentation, and source code as a starting point for developing your own Soundscape solutions.

d&b Soundscape GitHub

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