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Robert Henke’s Venice Dust with d&b Soundscape.


Robert Henke, the Berlin-based artist, researcher, and Ableton-co-founder, worked with d&b Soundscape for the world premiere of his new album, Dust, at Palazzo Grassi. 
Dust is a slow and intense exploration of complex textural sounds, shredded into microscopic particles, and pulsating interlocking loops, recomposed during an improvised performance.

It started as a collection of left-over sound files, which I found. I used a lot of field recordings, a lot of nature recordings, a lot of water recordings, but also machines. And I was always looking for a rusty quality for something that is not perfectly polished, that is not perfectly in tune, for all these things that have an ambiguity in it.Robert Henke

Henke describes how he composes for the space he is in and moves sound sources around in the space. For the world premiere at Palazzo Grassi, Henke relied on Soundscape to produce the accurate and powerful sound he craved.

The d&b Soundscape system allows me to have very, very precise sound, even in an environment that is less than optimal. We have an amazing clarity of sound in here. For someone who likes specialised sound, this is pretty much paradise.Robert Henke

Watch this video to learn more about Robert Henke’s experience with Soundscape.

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